Wednesday, June 15, 2016

You’re All I Need – Jermaine Rogers, Tampa, 2008

Artist: Jermaine Rogers
Type: Gig Poster
Print: Silkscreen
Size: 32 ¼ x 23 5/8
Event Date: 5.6.2008
Venue: Ford Amphitheater, Tampa, FL
Signed, numbered edition of 151 (113 black paper, 38 white paper)

Jermaine has given us a lot of great characters in his posters over the years, but this one contains some of the most bizarre I’ve seen. Again it proves that, as a fan of the band himself, he puts a lot of thought into his Radiohead posters. And like his 2001 poster this one also comes with specific instructions for viewing.

Based on the In Rainbows songs “All I Need,” we have a couple in the center composed of an indifferent-looking woman and an absolutely obsessed looming man. It’s not a loving look he has, but one of desperate, unhealthy dependence. The whites of his eyes give focus to what is the kind of look you come to pity some poor bastard for having. This is clearly one of those joint Facebook profile, his-balls-in-her-purse, spooky kind of love sort of couples.

Plus the little bird guy is kind of cute.

This poster came in a single edition of 151 prints split into two paper types, 113 on black and 38 on white. As a completionist, I just had to have one of each. You would think the white would command a higher price on the secondary market due to its rarity, but really they are about the same in price probably because those blues look so good against the black background.

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