Monday, June 13, 2016

Red Rocks Picasso – Tommy Faulkner, Morrison, 2003

Artist: Tommy Faulkner
Type: Gig Poster
Print: Lithograph
Size: 11 x 17
Event Date: 8.26.2003
Venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, CO
Signed, unnumbered edition of 200

I wish I knew more about this one. What I do know is that it appears to have a lot of influence from Pablo Picasso. I believe the story was that there was a contest to create a gig poster and Mr. Faulkner won with this fun, colorful design.

Were this a silkscreen as opposed to a litho, I suspect it would command top dollar. Of course this thing would be pretty tough to silkscreen, especially for a new artist.

There are two versions: one with a white border and one without. The image is the same size on both, and they both appear to be unsigned for the most part. Despite that, my two versions (one of each) are signed because I acquired them directly from the artist. He’s got a pretty cool signature, too. Respek.

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