Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Regular King of Limbs Tour Poster – Stanley Donwood, Various Cities, 2012

Artist: Stanley Donwood
Type: Gig Poster
Print: Lithograph
Size: 18 x 24
Event Date: Various
Venue: Various
Unsigned, numbered in varying editions (Houston: 400, St. Louis: 300)

All the official merch posters from the 2012 North American tour are more or less the same (except New York). While they differ in ink color, edition size, and (obviously) city and date, they are all the same design monochromatically printed on a field of black. So I don’t feel bad about not having a copy of every one. I do, however, have a copy from both shows I went to:

I live in New Orleans which is four hours from Houston, so we got a room in a hotel right across the street from the Toyota center for that show. A few days later we went to visit family in St. Louis and saw them again at the Scottrade Center. The St. Louis poster was an easy get at the merch table, but the Houston poster must have sold out quickly because there were zero available. I had to pay a bit of a premium on eBay for that one.

These North American tour posters, while official, are a little unremarkable. I consider them souvenirs and have no intention of framing them. There were a lot more reasonably cool unofficial posters that came out of that tour that are wall-worthy.

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