Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rex Membra - Franky Scaglione, Broomfield, 2012

Artist: Franky Scaglione
Type: Gig Poster
Print: Silkscreen
Size: 24 x 18
Event Date: 3.13.2012
Venue: 1st Bank Center - Broomfield, CO
Signed & Numbered in an edition of 100

This one is pretty straight-forward. From the artist:

"Rex Membra (Latin for king of limbs) is my interpretation of the sovereign timber... a translation from the king of dinosaurs. Lauding the big-bellied oak tree of the Savernake Forest (Wiltshire), I played with the annual rings and tied-in the rex-rooted limbs. [Over the course of the creative phases, I alternated spinning The King of Limbs and T-Rex's The Slider on my turntable, to get just the right inspiration.]"

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