Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Distorted Suits - John Seabury, San Francisco, 1995

Artist: John Seabury
Type: Gig Poster
Print: Silkscreen
Size: 23 x 29
Event Date: 7.13.1995
Venue: Slim's - San Francisco, CA
Signed & Numbered in an edition of 300

It’s amazing to think this print is 21 years old.

The image here appears to be a heavily distorted family portrait at first, but upon closer inspection we find it's actually two men in suits strangling a third. Above, “Radiohead” is written in electricity. This image would fit right in on a poster for their 2016 tour. Also the gold and pink inks used for “Slim’s” and “Drugstore” set off the remaining colors nicely.

There was a time when this was near the top of my want list for Radiohead posters. I pined for this thing for years, and when I finally got a hold of one it got bumped straight to the top of my framing queue.

The artist, John Seabury (who is cool as hell), has said that the plan was for the paper to be cut to match the angled edges of the printing, but there wasn't time. When I had mine framed we made sure to cut the mat to match those angles.

You can find this print on eBay - there always seems to be one there with a $250 BIN. I consider that pretty reasonable considering the size.

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